Case Study

Success in Long Beach, NY


The key to attacking issues with private sewer infrastructure is to understand the collection system from a holistic perspective.  The Long Beach wastewater collection system has many unique characteristics that make solving some of the private infrastructure issues rather difficult.  We have seen things such as easements, shared laterals, cement bridges and grease buildups impede our ability to perform our duties.  Fortunately, we have established a phenomenal working partnership with the Long Beach Public Works and Sewer Department.  This relationship has allowed us to bounce questions off of people who know the system best.  They are able to teach us and guide us through the many intricacies of such a unique wastewater collection system. This phenomenal working relationship has allowed us to achieve a reduction in wet weather flows to the wastewater treatment plant by nearly 20% in only 5 years.


The great thing about Pipelogix LMS acting as a vendor for the program is our ability to have great response times to both regular and emergency calls.  When an emergency backup occurs there is a direct exposure to raw wastewater.  This is unsanitary and a health hazard which is why we are available 24/7.  We respond to these situations with the highest of priorities.  So far, we have been able to arrive to emergency calls within hours of being contacted.  Our first objective is to restore flow to the pipe and stop the backup.  If the problem is something greater and requires further work we schedule the work to be done the next day and if not the within the week.


We are happy to report that feedback from the residents we have served so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  People have expressed their appreciation for the professionalism and courtesies that our field technicians and service department have shown.  We have been more than willing to work with people to make sure that they are educated on exactly what it is we are doing during the service calls.  We have gone out of our way to make sure that the residents are happy.  We are proud to have been nominated for the 2020 Long Beach Business of the Year.

Statistics and Findings

  • 70% participation in the program
  • Low program cost
  • 20% reduction in wet-weather flow
    • Reduced the risk of sanitary sewer overflows
    • Lowered operation and maintenance costs for the wastewater treatment plant
  • Various issues with private sewer infrastructure:
    • Deteriorated sewer laterals from aging and substandard infrastructure materials
    • Illegal and improper connections
    • Gas line cross bore damage
    • Broken spur connections – necessary municipal repairs
    • Sewer pipes sitting in groundwater
  • Compiled invaluable information on private property wastewater collection infrastructure:
    • Location of private property infrastructure
  • Customers frequently complain that the lateral and plumbing systems were not examined during their home inspection
    • Had no knowledge or awareness of the severity of a broken lateral when purchasing their home