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Sewage and water supply infrastructure is failing around the country. Outdated and dilapidated infrastructure results in the discharge of millions of gallons of raw and untreated sewage and water into local waterways annually. In many states, the supply pipelines that connect to main municipal infrastructure must be up kept at the owner’s expense. Municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of lateral sewer pipes from the sewer line to the sidewalk while the rest of the pipe is the homeowner’s responsibility. Homeowner’s insurance policies exempt coverage for laterals and supply pipes. Since repairs are arbitrary in cost, depending on the cause of the damage (roots), the location of the lateral (under driveways) and the extent of the damage done, a repair can be costly. Municipalities are assuming risk for every lateral pipe that becomes problematic. The waste water that is leaked from lateral pipes directly affects the ground water in the area. Municipalities are responsible for ensuring the quality of their waters and are held responsible if they do not abide. The Clean Water Act clearly identifies the obligations of municipalities. The importance of this issue will only grow. Why wait? We can help now.

Pipelogix LMS can provide the most effective, cost efficient, and financially secure service for your residents. We offer the most extensive and established service system in the country. We provide state of the art repair solutions which utilize the most technologically advanced reporting and repair procedures. Our industry leading repair process’ will minimize costs and alleviate common inconveniences associated with lateral pipe repairs. Additionally, we monitor the calls, we immediately dispatch our contractor to make the repair, and we manage the process from start to finish.

We also provide a customized educational program for residents, informing them with up-to-date information, including regular mailings, which will illustrate the causes of private lateral infiltration and inflow. We will also educate them regarding maintenance and alternatives for expensive repairs. Our program is irreplaceable for those with customers who cannot afford to make a repair. Since you can’t make the repair for the customer, our program provides an affordable and streamlined solution to a condition that will demand your attention more and more each year. Pipelogix LMS keeps you a step ahead of enforcement actions.